What is the future of social marketing Mobile will replace mobile priority

although we just entered 2015 soon, but if the annual general issues today, we are not "today", but in the next year or even more long-term future, what will happen in this society.

in fact, the importance of the importance of the future development trend is not to say, and in this rapidly changing social media world, its change is particularly worthy of attention. For example, at the beginning of 2014, Facebook (natural touch of the brand through the way of paying, the brand message through Facebook platform to the user) is still very popular, and the video from the media "(Vblogger) the term has just been put forward. Just over a year, the natural touch seems to have been turned down by Sheng, and video from the media has been the use of multimedia. Looking ahead, social applications with instant messaging capabilities have made great achievements.

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in 2015 we can see the trend that has been proposed in the previous year will be further developed, and there will be new trends continue to emerge. On the whole, this year we will focus more on understanding social behavior and creating topics that people are willing to share, discuss and participate in. At the same time, the social media industry has become increasingly mature, the enterprises will also be committed to prove the value of the development of the industry.

admittedly, different areas of the market will face similar or different opportunities and challenges. We Are Social across the five continents, with a number of senior management personnel to explore an important topic to explore the social marketing of the 2015 will go.

digital transformation

digital economy is no longer fresh for us, the pace of its rapid development of enterprises still have a significant impact – such as the current 90% of the world’s data are generated in recent years. Major brands are increasingly aware that to survive in this data-driven marketing competition, can not rely on a one-time event, but to continue to tell the story for the user.

at this level, simply create content has been far from enough in the market based, we have to combine the social platform content management tools to optimize our content output. However, despite the social platform, we are still difficult to attract the attention of one hundred percent users. "Continuous" (continuous partial attention out of state) has become the user (including marketing itself) of normal life in people’s communication channels under the diversified, unable to concentrate through a single channel to communicate with people, and people fear alone, and rarely willing to abandon a channel. Therefore, how to get a big problem for users.

In addition to

, future content generation will need to take full account of the surrounding environment

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