From the media easily into the three errors

has done more than a year since the media, harvest a lot, but also understand a lot. In order to help more novice from the media, the Shao Lianhu blog this year’s operations from the media experience to share with everyone.

Baidu Encyclopedia for the definition of the media:

media (English Name: We Media) is also called "citizen media" or "personal media", is a private, civilian, generalization, independent of the communicators, with modern electronic means, in general, not specific to the new media most of the single individual or a specific delivery specification and the non normative information. Since the media platform includes: blog, micro-blog, WeChat, Baidu official post bar, forums, /BBS and other online communities.

Shao Lianhu for understanding from the media:

from the media, these three words I seem to know at the beginning of this year, what is the meaning of it? I know I was starting to do the blog from the media, because to see Lu Songsong blog. Thus, the blog began to be more than the media, a grasp of a lot. Moreover, there are many blog navigation, we can find a lot of blog from the media. Most of them are based on personal blog, or in the third party platform to establish the blog we all call the blog from the media.

blog after the fire, from the media, since the star of these two words also began to fire up, appear in the major platforms. For example, the use of QQ space to do from the media we call the QQ space from the media, the use of micro-blog to do from the media we call them micro-blog from the media, the use of WeChat from the media we call WeChat media. In fact, no matter what platform they use from the media, most of them are the use of personal platform and operation.

There are a lot of

, since the media forms such as, some from the media broke the electricity supplier information, like micro-blog @ Gong Wenxiang is a well-known micro-blog from the media. There are blogs from the media, such as Lu Songsong blog is broke some of the webmaster information, small business information, etc.. There are some news from the media, such as Baidu, there are hundreds of. There are from the media is to sell products, like I have to use a QQ space QQ space to sell honey from the media.

summary: since the media, is the individual as the center, the use of a platform to show themselves or focus on a particular industry, a field. Use their own resources, their own technology to share information with the user. There are two relationships, one is yourself, one is the platform, one is the fans, the combination of these three.

from the media easily into the three errors:

from the media what some users believe that the media is to write the original article, some users believe that the media is free to share their knowledge, some users believe that the media is doing traffic. If so, it will be difficult to develop from the media. Below, Shao Lianhu blog and we analyze these three errors.

1, since the media is to write the original article

from media >

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