Mid Autumn Festival approaching how to use the nternet to sell moon cake thinking

Mid Autumn Festival is bright.

two weeks later today, is the annual mid autumn festival. When approaching this day, not only the "Moonlight", those who hope to reunite with their families, good welfare enterprises and the moon cake, moon cake manufacturers and media have also started a new attempt to have. So how do we sell moon cake?

case 1: logical thinking.

China’s most fire from the media, video talk show. Luo Ji thinking is the economic route to fans, in the name of true love to sell moon cake, sales channels mainly WeChat. At present, the online data is: since the July 18th launch of the special love for the moon, as of 20, the highest cumulative receiving only 70 boxes, twenty total add up to no more than 700 boxes, presumably should be in the total sales of about 1000 boxes, a box of moon cake priced at 199 yuan, the total sales of around 200 thousand.

case 2: gorgeous moon cake.

has a history of 20 years of traditional food companies, China’s moon cake festival, famous brand moon cake". Gorgeous moon cake moon cake selling ideas are: to sell moon cake in a creative way, from the channel, marketing, product three angles to embrace the Internet, so that moon cake will speak. Its price ranging from 128~200 yuan, and its products have a two-dimensional code, you receive the moon cake at the same time, scan two-dimensional code, enter the moon cake box designated 12 bit code, but also to see the blessing of friends and relatives. At present, the gorgeous moon cake marketing is very successful, its homemade video on-line 2 days will break million clicks.

case 3: Daoxiang moon cake.

and gorgeous, like Chinese traditional moon cake manufacturers. Daoxiang moon cake manufacturers on behalf of the majority, the lack of effective ideas, most are "creative packaging" and "customized" route, route, on the packaging and customization efforts, the sales channel is still the traditional supermarket channel: in the supermarket showcase counters, prices ranging from 100 to 200 yuan, and the opening of large group purchase route. At present, most of the traditional moon cake manufacturers are not optimistic about the retail, only for the enterprise to bulk sales moon cake.

case 4: horse horse.

: horse horse horse open class speaker, eima communication chief male public relations, edge media, social marketing "wet person". The black horse horse selling moon cake idea is: "you have to buy moon cake anyway, than to buy customized cakes". Dark horse custom moon cake price is 128 yuan, and other major brands of moon cake prices, the way to buy WeChat’s micro shop. Dark horse WeChat public number of science and technology industry, the size of the fans about three, and the total number of individual WeChat friends will not exceed 5000.

people from the media through their own fans effect selling cakes, horse horse fans and influence than the logic of thinking, but the effort is small, the harvest may be greater, the main reason is: 1, 2, and craftsmen cooperation; only to give fans a location >

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