2014 mobile internet marketing model

recently used to do a lot of mobile Internet mobile gaming web marketing, although in terms of the flow of my website without much help, but an application can help in advertising alliance earn above 50 dollars is very good, for all of US $50 is not really what to do, but at least one the website can earn 50 dollars also have a psychological comfort, is not too much grassroots website operation for many years, has no profit, well, today take you to a fun mobile Internet marketing.

mobile web application promotion

Whether you can see so often

forwarded a test subject? How often do you see a circle of friends forwarded a certain play a fun game to share? Do you often see people with popular news to hype topic? Well, that is not a virus, the circle of friends is also not poisoned, but it is a kind of viral marketing, businesses use this without a download to play online application mode to promote his products, at the same time to do the promotion by means of interface, even businesses do direct marketing on the application page. Even worse, when you enter this web page he can grab the visitor QQ number and phone number. Milk is a good application promotion and marketing model, please do not miss the opportunity. I bring you a hearsay, I copied in a nationwide search for Jaycee Chan’s game, earned 59 yuan of advertising fee. This is my first mobile Internet revenue, a little psychological comfort.

APP promotion

I have been using the APP application to find no established, due to the limitations of the authority of the search for technical support is not enough, I changed the letter produced a APP application. Although not what effect, but I still feel that the APP application is the future trend of development, but it is a pity that APP need to download at the same time, similar to the vertical industry APP, may download fewer people, but have to say, we must pay attention to this point. I believe we can download the grassroots APP applications, which are loyal fans.

WeChat marketing promotion

can be said now WeChat has not weakened, but more and more Niubi, why do you say so, because of the recent Communist Party seemed to use WeChat, and my data told me, as long as I am in WeChat made a public account of the above, the number of fans will increase by about 100. The data was reduced ten times, the number of fans did not say much, at least it can increase 10-20 one day? Such a good chance, I don’t know if you apply for the service number or no operation of WeChat. Application service number of friends, I can only tell you that an ID card can register two accounts, a subscription number, a service number.

micro store operations

mask, buy buy cosmetics competition you are still on Taobao? I can say you out, you do not believe, I have seen too much in the micro shop to sell these products to get rich, but I do not have this channel, do not know what the supply.

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