An article on how to bring me a thousand days

"an article on how to bring me a day to bring thousands of traffic," the topic does not seem to be very correct, because it is only 22:30, less than a day, but this article hits has reached 1180. And still rising……

cut the crap.. First of all, to catch the key words the latest hot, such as "MSN red head, QQ’s head of these words as the hottest! I wrote the title is" MSN red QQ head, red head [picture], the "plus" [picture] "because" MSN red QQ’s Avatar avatar, like the news too much, and are accounted for in front of large portal distance! Not the users really want, users want to find the hearts of pictures to the search, you can see at a glance…

write articles do not wait for GG to crawl.. Take the initiative to go to a large number of customers such as the flow of large web site published. Because the search engine spiders crawling all day, to lure it over.. Because it is the new key words, GG will soon be included, I published less than half an hour after being collected! And immediately on the first page!!!

don’t think that will be able to bring so much traffic to you, don’t forget to "Baidu knows" answer!! my question is "where there is a red QQ head, MSN’s Avatar download", then replace the IP on another account to answer, of course, to set it as the best answer.. However, Baidu know the question also rushed to the first page third… Statistics show that: through the "Baidu knows" in the IP is more than and 800, far more than the direct hits over.

also published an article in the Sina blog this kind of traffic blog, straight to their station, then go to the blog page to find some posts to reply.. But practice has proved that the effect of this method is not very good, but poor 10 to a IP. But if the location of the sofa, then the results may not be the same, ha ha!

this is the whole process of my article! Remember, must be the latest hot keywords, so pay more attention to some of the latest news may have a chance.. "No one I have, people have, I pull in front of you!"


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I MSN QQ red head day search to get thousands of IP, communication does not use Chinese patriotism through artificial virus like QQ obtained! Through online search for people in need!


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