The 38 section of Baidu Nuomi Taobao a joint marketing

38 Baidu Nuomi Taobao, a joint marketing

Ma boasted, "38 women’s Day National People’s day a net of idle away in seeking pleasure" when, just completed wholly acquired and renamed Baidu Nuomi suddenly announced a $100 million cut, first open dry "37 women’s day".

a O2O finally started the fire fight There was no parallel in history.! And war scenes, BAT three giants of the O2O online to the new business model "under the nouveau riche type enclosure.


it’s a naked battle. It is not you die, I die off! We do for the consumer are particularly happy, why difficult to really cheap. What is the truth? We review the past, Jingdong, Jingdong, Taobao wars wars Dangdang, which scene with the same ah, but finally, in addition to the war manufacturers to obtain high consumption volume, as a consumer, you get what? So this is a mutual through joint marketing events. But the show must be realistic. More realistic. In fact, we are also consumers benefit, will be really rare real benefits! Three party win-win thing. The two sides have meant war attractive profit to the user. Can improve the desire to buy. We look at the taxi software market, Tencent and Taobao wars, is the same way, the three party benefit, benefit from the taxi! They get what you deserve the user, I’m sure which inputs are not one billion, even 10 million levels must not reach. It’s just a propaganda tool. This is really understand the marketing campaign expert. We look back at some of the company’s marketing, means of low, it is clear at a glance.

Internet market this routine has formed, do not believe it, we look back, no matter what the giant launched an activity. And there’s another opposite. War shopping ah, ah, how to attract attention, how to attract people’s attention, maybe they don’t know behind me many times the phone. Do not know in which unknown place to communicate this thing how many times, it was the final planning of this program.

here not remember the 360 mobile phone software is when the whole industry and now? 360 is not alive, but for the mobile phone software is revitalized, you deserve you, I should have my not is the outcome of this


finally: if you want to learn marketing, or promotion, we should learn from these experts who learn from these examples, more than the forum, ah, the training institutions to learn more. The truth is that no entry, this is the top level of the duel. From here we can really learn something. These successful giants, their marketing tools can be low it is the industry’s top figures. As long as we are good at discovering, you will soon succeed. Please add micro signal: zhiyimeng as long as the method is correct, you can do something

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