Jingdong finance 6 billion 700 million yuan investor list released a total of 13

April 25th news, a detailed list of investors Jingdong finance 6 billion 650 million yuan financing released: a total of 13 investors, including a natural person investors.

changes before and after the list of shareholders

January 2016, the Jingdong announced the acquisition of financial capital from Sequoia Fund, harvest Chinese investment and China Taiping led the investor’s investment, financing amount of 6 billion 650 million yuan, this round of financing of Jingdong financial transactions after the valuation of 46 billion 650 million yuan. This round of financing was completed in March 1, 2016.

The financial Jingdong

financing target company Beijing Jingdong Shangbo Guangyi Cci Capital Ltd, who recently updated business registration information, the disclosure of the list of shareholders and the management of the list after the change.

shareholders after the change, in addition to the financial Jingdong first announced Sequoia Capital Fund, harvest China investment and Chinese Taiping, also includes 10 investors: Harbin Heng Chang Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Sata Rongzhi Huineng Investment Management Center (limited partnership), Shanghai Huasheng flying equity investment partnership (limited partnership) Shanghai, a millet investment Center (limited partnership), Tianjin Cci Capital Ltd, Shenzhen day Yue wave investment management Limited by Share Ltd, Ningbo Yue Kangrong equity investment fund partnership (limited partnership), Wei Zhe, Shanghai pacing four venture investment partnership (limited partnership), Beijing happy cloud investment limited.

in the 10 investors, called "Wei Zhe" shareholder is the only one natural person shareholder, Alibaba and the former group executive vice president Wei Zhe with the same name, TechWeb currently unable to confirm whether the same person two.

public information, Wei Zhe in November 2006 to join the Alibaba, and served as group executive vice president of Alibaba, and Alibaba (B2B) Electronic Commerce President, set up a "casaarte fund from the Alibaba after the resignation in February 21, 2011".

in terms of management, Jingdong finance has also been changed accordingly. Before the change, Liu Qiangdong also served as chairman of the board and manager of the two positions, Sun Jiaming and Lu Zhang Qi as director of surgery, the board of supervisors, after the change of chairman and manager is Liu Qiangdong, the board expanded to 6 people, respectively, Miu Xiaohong, Zhang Pang, Huang Xuande, Qiu Ogawa, Chen Shengqiang, Liu Xing, Li Yayun as supervisor.

with the shareholder changes, Beijing Jingdong Shangbo Guangyi Cci Capital Ltd registered capital of 200 million yuan was changed to 233 million 250 thousand yuan.

changes in the scope of business, before the change: investment management; asset management; business management consulting, investment consulting; public relations services; agents, advertising, copyright agency.

change: Internet information service. Investment management; asset management; enterprise management consulting, investment consulting; public relations services; copyright agency; financial acceptance

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