On how to do QQ group promotion

I join the QQ group has more than and 60, is divided into two categories: free group and pay group. Every time you open the QQ, the computer will be stuck for a long time. Most of the group messages are blocked by me. Network development to today’s situation, any subtle perspective, are packed with marketing people.

as long as a little understanding of marketing, are aware of the most suitable for the classification of QQ group precision marketing, such as travel groups are all people who love to travel. QQ group promotion also has two ways: the group of others, their own group.

said the first promotion, we analyze several promotion methods one by one.

1, violence promotion, plus hundreds of target groups, direct advertising. Simple and crude, and collocation of Haodi mass, because the amount is large, the effect is there. The disadvantage is that a shot had to change a place. Alas, harassment of others, and more easily shielded by many groups. If you really want to do this promotion, it is recommended to raise a few trumpet or buy directly on Taobao.

do not look at things with a colored eye, since someone direct advertising, to prove that this approach is not outdated. At first, I was tired of taking the micro scraper, then come to think about it, insist on Shuabing is also appreciated.

2, soft advertising. Some soft advertising, you own away, such as a micro business group in exchange of a piece: many people ask WeChat how to batch add friends, I just learned a good way, do not need to download any software. One day plus thousands of people no problem.

wait a moment, someone came over for advice. Many promotion, with the composition of flicker. Hold a bottom line, do not malicious deception.

do promotion, a test of human emotional intelligence. A big brother chat said he mixed group, often to the main group with QQ members, so when he made a lot of group management. Originally, human nature, like a little cheaper.

3, the group changed their name card promotion business, usually in the group in a multi bubble, while others have problems, try to answer. This is a kind of pay promotion. Promotion to do this, others take the initiative to find you. And in the group, enjoy high popularity.

three methods, which one do you choose? There is no difference between the methods, or even several methods mixed with the use, nothing. I do QQ group promotion, is now holding the idea of not harass others. I was invited to join the group, I basically agree.

when the accumulation of their own popularity, on their own building group. My point is not to build groups easily. Think ahead, group positioning, rules.

positioning can choose city group, or industry exchanges. Group name can set multiple keywords, is conducive to the natural ranking of groups. For example, the target population is micro business, network marketing. So you can change the name: Henan micro network marketing communication learning group. In addition, the group’s activity, as well as the number of groups also affect the ranking.

group promotion should pay attention to: 1, the initiative to invite. 2, soft. Write one in QQ space

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