Webmaster please be lenient to soft Wen

Hello, I am 38PC net station son book, website have the time, write "soft Wen" also had about ten articles! And it is in the webmaster nets first, as for what effect, to tell the truth, the effect is not big, maybe the day when stationmaster net home show, will be more than a dozens of IP, most over! But these to IP on the head of the angle to review the "peer" website how to, how many webmaster will become loyal users of others site? Unless your website is the webmaster type website, but my website not, my website is about 38PC net. Netbooks, ultra portable computer information website. And you don’t take sides, so it can be said that through the soft Wen to are useless for IP, Adsense nets turned out of the link, I searched through Baidu, there are several reprints can also will keep the name of your website, but not with your web site, some reproduced and even your original text in all information about the site and the name changed to own! Into his soft, and then he went around the post out and out plagiarism!! in the face of this situation, only the helpless face


then you will say, since the soft brought IP is invalid IP, then why do you write soft text? I’ll tell you the truth, I believe that the recent God helps those who help themselves! "Chants collects" to hear Pu Cunxin talk about successful experience when he said a word, feel very helpful, to the webmaster to everyone: "when the first horse! He Bole where!" obviously, to allow themselves to be a horse, don’t think too much traffic, many issues such as how much PR! Have the time, enrich your site, let your website content rich and colorful, with thousands of horses in the other, quality! I believe that gold will shine, as long as you insist, there will be a day early (the caveat here is that there is an exception, the content of the website is the topic, if you’re content positioning positioning errors, it is difficult to There is a market, then I guess you just a few years out for the head! So the site positioning is very important, but, once in position, look, stick to it! You can’t go wrong!)

I usually see the soft in the webmaster online, there are many is the webmaster carefully written experiences experience, communicate with you, by the way a website AD with a soft, look! All things which I think is no ground for blame! Even the CCTV Spring Festival gala will work in just ways to the advertising way more. Besides these, with a sincere and hardworking webmasters! But, there will always be people regardless of the consequence to his face, the message said: soft, soft, soft enough to like it! Yes, in fact, is soft, so what, there are a few to the webmaster nets hair is not soft? We are not to show himself on this platform? But the actual content, everyone can learn a little article, soft, how again, after all the webmaster to pay Hard!

but some "soft" is the boycott, is false news, false advertising, purely for advertising and fabricated, for example, there is no traffic

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