From the Expo Park kissing door to see some of the problems of website speculation

a few days before the arrival of the Qixi Festival for many young couples a good love or love this opportunity, we do not care about the issue we are discussing today see the webmaster should be how to hype their website from the Qixi Festival Expo Park kissing incident.

incident: Tanabata eve of a pair of small lovers in Shanghai before the 148 venues in Expo Park kissing has been kissed to the swollen mouth of the video in the major portals heat transfer users crazy controversy. We don’t care about the young couple kiss kiss to how how mouth swollen interest friends can use Baidu Search, then I will elaborate on the event if I have different opinions. Welcome everyone clap brick understanding of website speculation.

Analysis of

target population

analysis of their site customers, only to a multiplier effect in the planning to play, such as the kiss door case is the mastermind of a dating type webmaster so he clearly know their target population is just love season young men and women so choose to use "kiss" the event in the Qixi Festival when the hype is more appropriate.

with the help of some events or create hype


wants to hype, it is necessary to tap or create some popular controversial events to achieve the purpose of speculation. This will not explain, is the so-called There are no waves without wind. without some popular events are likely to be difficult to "fire". The kissing door case is the use of the Qixi Festival speculation the arrival of many young couples are more concerned about love about the days of clever attracted the eye of users, at this point is more successful because it could attract the attention of target population of this point. Why is the event itself to a controversial? Imagine if something or is the whole public identity and objections that it is not what the value of hype, because it "fire" not up to attract many eyeballs effect. Therefore, the planning of the event must be in line with the popular, controversial these conditions.

hide yourself

It is also very important for

to hide himself cleverly, and now people hate it as much as we can see a movie when we see half of the time. So if you can do the "hidden point firecrackers" clever people are wise, of course speculation is to increase our exposure rate if hidden that we also fry it why? This requires certain skills like soft, soft look up to some very soft feel disgusting without it value but some soft Wen can write very good soft feel it is not for a purpose that you naturally reach the objective, so I said "hidden" is not the meaning but no mention of this event will be the beneficiaries naturally appear in the place that is the best.

benefit transformation

The ultimate purpose of

hype is effectiveness, >

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