Baidu knows the answer to the problem

do Baidu know the promotion of people are clear, recently Baidu know really abnormal, not to delete the answer, but also the second delete. Including problems are deleted, even if you have adopted the problem, as long as Baidu dislike a word:! Here is some questions about Baidu delete questions. In fact, I also experienced many times by Q & a bloodbath. Including the former two day has been such a "murder". It is impossible to ensure that 100% is not deleted. So how can we prevent a small amount of deleted it?

There are only two reasons why

is often deleted. 1 be deleted by administrator. 2 be reported by competitors. How to prevent competitors from reporting I have not found a good way. Because we do Baidu know is to rank. Have a ranking is to let others see. But in general there is no competition. So as long as the prevention of how to escape the administrator delete. Here I summarize how to do a good job to prevent Baidu administrator delete Baidu know administrator delete question and answer.

1: answer, immediately adopted: because the administrator usually at most see ongoing quiz. The answer has been very rarely go back to see. Immediate adoption can reduce the amount of exposure.

2: prevent third: when the answer should be fast, accurate and relentless, three principles. Don’t let others answer your questions. Can not appear advertising. This is to prevent Baidu know the administrator when the surprise of his advertisements bring disaster to your question. General manager of the report are from the keyword search as well as personal ID to delete the record. If I found you this question and answer. And then for the hospital name search and delete words. Then the consequences will be serious.

3: anonymous questions, anonymous answer: This is mainly to prevent someone according to your ID to answer the record. And for all the advertising done by the ID report. So it’s important to be anonymous. But if you do a number to throw a number. Can not anonymous.

4: hide answer: we can see the answer to the record when you can see a hidden answer options. The reason why the answer is hidden in order to prevent the ID is found to view the answer record to delete the ads. In particular, some do more people, more likely to appear in the hall of fame, hall of fame. So it is likely that when the administrators are not available for advertising. The investigation of the two places. So hidden answer is also a more important way to prevent

5: change the name of the hospital or website name: this can prevent the management of the original problem for the similarities of the search report. Method is to be able to play a few spaces in the hospital name. The site name also changed several times.

6: a few more categories: This is what I found today, because two days before my quiz was bloodbath again. So these two days have mended. But when I do, I will be reported soon

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