How to plan blog site

is a website planning operators, how to operation and planning does not seem to be a problem. The process clear, the website set up, and then take the customer as the center, the other everything will come in a throng so what is? User centric? Most websites, as search engines such as the face of all Internet users. In fact, there is always a part of the user will never become your users. Exactly how to choose? In fact, this is the operator must solve the problem.

This is the site of the

a lot of people: Well, this is very interesting, presumably there will be a lot of people. So, this function after development, all on the line, operators begin to look for advertisers to support his / her continued operation. What’s the problem? The problem is that he / she ignored the customer at the beginning. Because it is indeed a lot of people in your development function (for example, using a network function), but these people, lack of generality, it is the lack of interest to advertisers. In this particular market era, with only three characteristics (high income and high education level, age of maturity) to attract advertisers, is not enough.

fundamentally, such a business logic, is the first technology market. This idea may not be wrong. But be sure to think ahead, product, or platform, what is it?

products, that is, the production of user

this title is a little strange, I need to explain.

any one site, first of all, is a product. The first step in planning a website is to run a product. In a sense, the operator of the site, very similar to other industry product manager (Brand Manager). What he / she has to face is product design.

most people think that the product is a code written on the technology of things. For example, the development of a function, or add a plug-in. But in my mind, these are not products. The real product is the user. Technical code generated by the so-called "products", but is a tool to create a user of this product.

so far, in China, the vast majority of the site’s survival model is advertising. Whether it is extensive banner launch, or fine type of brand implants, in essence, is to get the attention of the site, that is, users, packaged to advertisers. For the site, the user is not a customer, but to sell products to customers.

based on this idea, some arguments, in my opinion, is not so important.

for example. There are many people on the Internet that the length of a web page should be limited. For example, the web page is turned three times in the end. Some people think that this is a good web design. The focus of the problem is not simply "what should the elongated, but in which operators to attract users. If every page on this site is very long, I think it’s no big deal

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