Zhao Yong BBS forum Fenghua twenty years memorabilia


by the end of 2009, there are 130 10000 BBS…. through various Internet > rectification;… BBS.. but at least there should be a hundreds of thousands of >…… these years, although a variety of fashion constantly.. video, blog, SNS…, MB… BBS…… once the leader on the Tianya gradually wood cat the original thunder > BBS….. But wood has still disappeared….. From the domestic Internet and vertical momentum and localization of MS is better.

a few days ago in micro-blog sent a BBS on micro-blog caused some friends to discuss and recall……

is the first BBS friend asked what time is there, search more official statement is: May 1994, the National Research Center for Intelligent Computing on Dawning BBS station, this is the first BBS station, China.

later thought, it should be earlier, more simple version should come out. Check some information, indeed, as early as 1991, the initial prototype of BBS – 1991 in Beijing set up the "China Roy Great Wall Railway Station" has become the construction of FidoNet system in accordance with the earliest BBS exchange system, then BBS is called PCBBS.

in so doing, the forum of /BBS at home and there are actually 20 years, unfortunately, did not seem to hear too much to celebrate 20 years sound; perhaps this is just unofficial algorithm, more may have to wait until 2014 to commemorate… .

so there is this blog post, in order to commemorate this text belongs to me, our forum /BBS for twenty years, from the Internet to collect some of the forum /BBS memorabilia – (source network)

—–BBS development yearbook

1991: Beijing set up the "Chinese Roy Great Wall Railway Station" become the exchange system in accordance with the FidoNet system of the construction of the first BBS, then BBS is called PCBBS

1994: China’s first Internet BBS – Dawn BBS on-line

1995: in February, Ma Huateng established the Shenzhen station;


Qiu Baijun set up the "West" BBS station in Zhuhai, Lei Jun set up the "West Point" in Beijing, Guangzhou, a company called ISP Feijie to provide BBS services, four, the establishment of the forum

1997: mop.com NetEase was established, the BBS line, Jiaxing forum was born

1998: Xicihutong set up free ABC popular


, western horizon line

2000: Kay >