WeChat electric noun solution of 11 micro Zibei innocently tell


] WeChat news billion state power spawned one after the "micro" Zibei products, both WeChat official control, there are third party developers trader. But perhaps the richness of the Chinese language is not enough, WeChat electricity suppliers are more and more similar nouns, and even hit the name". The day before the billion state power network common nouns about WeChat electricity supplier industry, disposable clarify 11 "micro" Zibei this silly points not clear.

micro living


Tencent electricity supplier’s Micro life division, is an important part of Tencent O2O business electricity supplier, it is also based on the birth of the first WeChat electricity supplier related business. Twitter Life is aimed at the life service business line, the main products are Twitter Life membership card, to help businesses (retail, catering, business platform etc.) attract new members from WeChat, and the old member entity card binding.

this business has been high hopes for the electricity supplier Tencent, by the end of 2012, Tencent acquired a membership card marketing business card, was considered to be an important step in the integration of micro life. However, sources said that since May this year, Tencent dissolved electricity supplier company, after the establishment of WeChat division, micro life business has been incorporated into the WeChat division.

micro shopping


Tencent electricity supplier O2O business another important business, has also been incorporated into the WeChat division. The most popular micro shopping case and bestseller fashion group cooperation by Tencent to develop WeChat mall system, bestseller fashion group (including VERO MODA, ONLY, JACK&JONES and other brands) to provide goods and services to support customer service, online and offline integration shopping experience.

WeChat select merchandise



my bank card channel under the online shopping area, the earliest by the easy fast network exclusive supply, to "select" "sale" as the main selling point, focusing on food, digital, home appliances, a nursing home this four categories of sales, supply later gradually extended to the Tencent’s QQ online shopping platform the.

After the merger of Tencent

electricity supplier Jingdong, this channel has become the Jingdong’s field, began to gradually introduce Jingdong platform (including proprietary and POP) of the massive commodity. Jingdong in the entrance of WeChat is actually copied the contents of this channel.

micro mall


based on the number of merchants WeChat public shopping mall, usually by the merchants themselves or with the help of third party developers to complete. Users click on the public number related custom menu can enter the micro mall, online shopping, payment support including Alipay, WeChat, bank payment etc.. But in February this year, Alipay completely stop WeChat merchant platform >