Wang Xin was jailed for 3 years 6 months and fined 1 million Nora jurisprudence case executives are

A5 business network ( September 13th morning news, a year and a half of the Nora jurisprudence case verdicts today, our executives have pleaded guilty in court, including Wang Xin, jailed in three years and six months, fined 1 million; other defendants were sentenced to make the following: Zhang Kedong in three years and three months, and fined five hundred thousand yuan; Wu Ming in three years and three months. Fined three hundred thousand yuan; Niu Wen was sentenced to three years imprisonment and fined two hundred thousand yuan. Nora fined a total of ten million yuan.

Beijing Haidian court verdict:

The following is the full court of Beijing Haidian court sentencing process: