A new railway ticket system cost over 300 million upgrade after getting angrier

new railway ticketing system cost over 300 million

every reporter Li Wenyi from Chengdu, Beijing,,

for online "hard to get a vote" situation has not changed, the public was derided as "a magical site" Chinese railway customer service center 12306.cn in widespread criticism in the sound of the ticket system began to seek change.

according to the Ministry of Railways at the beginning of the September statement, a new generation of Railway Ticketing and reservation system (hereinafter referred to as the new ticket system) construction will last for more than 3 years, completed a project task, will be before the end of this year by the end of 2015, the entire project is completed.

With the original

system without bidding, start a new system to start construction in early September this year, the first phase of the project to open tender in two months ago, the Taiji Computer Corp (hereinafter referred to as the 002368, SZ, Tai Chi shares) a successful bid to 199 million yuan.

199 million yuan immediately detonated users on the system have Tucao, high investment funds and online booking crash user experience is the key point of the dispute.

the "daily economic news" reporter found that 199 million yuan is not a new generation of ticket system projects a total, another listed company shares the same side (600100, SH) to get another 130 million yuan contract.

China academician, Academy of engineering of national railway construction consultant Wang Mengshu to the "daily economic news" reporter said, the Ministry of Railways and the shares of Tai Chi for its long-standing cooperation, certain business of ticket system, the bid will be not at all surprising. These costs include the maintenance of the original system, as well as the cost of research and development of new products, should be more reasonable."

after the upgrade is still hard to get a vote of

since 2012 the beginning of the spring, the railway ticket sale started the "three pronged" history, consisting of the real name ticket system, the Internet and telephone booking ticket booking, together form a more convenient booking channel than in the past.

but not long after, the online booking system overwhelmed during the peak period of day up to hundreds of millions of people to visit, the new ticketing channels into the embarrassing situation, provoke a whimper.

in the face of public doubt, the railway system for the purchase of this system is the attitude of the lack of recognition, efforts to improve." Recently, the reporter login 12306 website, the above shows: the recent ticketing system upgrade.

according to the Beijing Railway Bureau official told the media that, after this upgrade, the biggest change is to reduce the instantaneous pressure site submit orders, increase the order queue function.

After the

upgrade, 12306 online booking system is no longer a crash, but the new