Anti vice office crackdown pornographic information Sohu Tencent the thunder of the penalty of 50


Times News (reporter Wang Sheng Liao Feng) the day before, the national anti pornography Office of the joint public security departments on the use of micro-blog and WeChat platform for information dissemination of pornographic illegal conduct remediation, Sohu, Tencent, due to lack of supervision of the thunder was fined 50 thousand yuan, the public security organs destroyed within a month by micro-blog, WeChat prostitution Gang 4 the 25 suspects arrested.

, the national anti pornography Office of the relevant responsible person said, at this stage the use of mobile phone and other mobile intelligent terminal, through micro-blog, WeChat, micro, micro film and other pornographic information dissemination situation gradually formed, the spread of pornographic information chain. Since August, Beijing, the Shenzhen press and publication and the cultural administrative law enforcement departments of Sohu, Tencent, thunder 3 due to lack of supervision led to the operation of micro-blog, WeChat and other products exist dissemination of pornographic information problems enterprises were punished. Since August, Beijing police destroyed by micro-blog, WeChat and other social tools organized prostitution Gang 4, investigate prostitution dens 6, criminals and arrested 25 people.

> > Sohu

penalties: the Sohu blog provides content laws and regulations prohibit "artificial girl 3 Raiders" and other Internet works online reading service, the Beijing municipal cultural market administrative law enforcement corps shall impose administrative punishment of a fine of 50 thousand yuan of Sohu.

response: will strengthen regulation regulation.

> > Tencent

punishment: Tencent, micro-blog and other social tools exist in the dissemination of pornographic information problems, Shenzhen City Press and Publication Administration of the company fined 50 thousand yuan in accordance with the law of the administrative penalty of.

response: Tencent said in a statement recently, vulgar, pornographic information on the platform of the centralized cleanup, and called for the majority of users, once found bad information, through the Tencent reporting platform to report.

> > thunderbolt

punishment: Thunder download tools in the offline server in the presence of pornographic video information, and provide transmission services to members of the user. Shenzhen radio and Television Bureau in accordance with the law to impose a fine of 50 thousand yuan in Nanshan District administrative penalties.

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