Dare to launch the world’s first Hangzhou DC free home service

These days the weather is very hot

at the beginning of July, the webmaster mood is very upset. Photos for the record, like a mountain of general pressure in the hearts of the webmaster.

according to the Ministry of the new filing requirements, the owners have to go to the service provider company site photography, many owners in order to record a thousand

long, travel to spend thousands of dollars. For example, you bought a virtual host in Chengdu, Beijing, whether you fly or

take the train or not, you must go to Beijing to take pictures. Even before the record has been possible to re record.

if you are unlucky to have several sites, the server and a Netcom north, south of a telecommunications, so congratulations you can start planning to travel around the country.

how much money the virtual host, how much the cost of the trip, the account of the author’s incomparable headache. However, it is worth noting that there are already a handful of qualified for the field of IDC has been actively trying to simplify the filing process, improve the efficiency of the record. Some are wondering how to take pictures online, and some have started the door-to-door service". This is a sharp contrast to the Ministry’s uncle style.

Hangzhou is the first business of the first person to eat crab, the first business to provide free on-site filing services, and specially set up a special vehicle for the record. The car is set in the background screen and camera, for the record, to provide localized door filing services for customers in Hangzhou.


I understand that, once the first business took the lead in the industry put forward the "seven days of zero fee free trial, the unconditional refund" commitment, developed a new industry service standards for the domestic virtual host industry. Because of this, the first business to win customers, won the future.

first business CEO Xu Yuandong said: the first business in addition to providing on-site filing services in Hangzhou, but also in Zhejiang Province, Ningbo, Wenzhou and other cities have been launched on-site filing services. Within two years to be opened in the country 200 domain name registration and web access service company, to provide users with close range of local services. The record localization services to the economically developed regions of all prefecture level cities.

I believe the real intentions of the service in the head of the IDC, he will be head of the support, his prospects will be even brighter.