Zhang Zhi a circle that hasn’t been drawn so far

car business network was founded in 2001, had drawn a circle: BCAR – Internet users – Dealers – BCAR. The website attracts a netizen, the netizen introduction to the dealer dealer sales back to the site of the commission. To be honest, we don’t have this circle on the circle. Look around, as if there is no realization of the site.

online selling cars, strong in the 4S mode today, there is no possibility to achieve.

look at the current and automotive related sites, can be divided into several categories:

1, the portal’s professional channel

content is strong, the impact is also strong, but specific to each channel, but no professional website depth, focus. Nevertheless, the advertisement appeal is unmatched by other websites.

2, professional website

professional site and dealers in close contact, the general benefit is good. But just the general industry news industry portal, now, the development of bottlenecks encountered. Of course, for many of these sites, as long as there are some industry resources, there is little pressure to survive. It’s easy to do this kind of website, it’s hard to do it well. No innovative profit model, there is no good prospects for development.

3 fans website

actually this kind of website is more detailed professional website. Such as SUV fans website, car fans site etc.. Many of these sites have considerable popularity, a hundred responses to a single call.

The popularity of

into wealth, is a problem. EBAY good, TAOBAO worth mentioning, no charges, restricting the development, if the charges, to whom charges? How to charge?

when China’s Internet users to become the world’s first, we may not just stay in the stage of advertising costs, need to consider how to cooperate with the manufacturers of the sales network, the realization of the value of the network itself.

product advance publicity;

Thoroughly and contact

potential customers;

about product problems and solutions;

customers to buy a car to achieve and confirm;

maintenance solutions and help in use;

modification and modification;

consulting and sales of consumption goods and cosmetics;

and car related to these stages, and the network must have a great relationship. How to improve these relationships and how to make money in these relationships is a topic.

if the network is the first stage of the development of the network to pull the enterprise run, then now to the second stage, companies push the network. What is needed now is to study the needs of automotive companies to adapt to the needs of the enterprise.

among them, how to make full use of the strong network of enterprises, improve and maintain their competitive advantage, is a good combination of network enterprises. With the growing popularity of cars, with people’s income increases, means of payment increases, some of the higher quality reputation of the automotive companies can try to sell online