2013 owners of the network of public lectures Taobao twenty seventh small and medium sellers win in

after 2012, Taobao’s balance is gradually tilted, the greater the seller’s support is growing; but for the new small sellers, the opportunity is getting smaller and smaller. Taobao profit small sellers living space, more small sellers will decide on what path to follow as a novice shop Taobao? How should one step towards success? A5 webmaster network distinguished Taobao business expert analysis Taobao shop deal, to help you quickly master the Taobao shop shop operation skills and network skills, through a lot of the real case analysis teaching how do you do a Taobao / Tmall shop.

lecture teacher

Zhu Xudong: has founded a public welfare organizations, tutoring companies, design companies, cultural communication, marketing planning company, in 2006 -2008 is responsible for the operation of the people network XuZhou Railway Station. In 2008, the founder of Xuzhou enterprises win network marketing agency, has served Greatstar software, Jin mining group, perfect power electronics, animation, visual and other parts of the country towards sugar hundreds of well-known enterprises. Since May 2010 the main shop Taobao / Tmall managed outsourcing services, has helped many shop sales growth several times.

the speaker: Taobao small sellers win in the details of

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lecture time: July 29, 2013 20:00-22:00

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