WeChat public number how to rise hundreds of fans

as WeChat operation for us, we want to increase our own fans don’t just rely on external promotion, in fact we have an important way, this way for our new number effect is not much, but the amount of thousands of fans for you, then the impact will be great in this way, WeChat is our content. We know that there are many ways to find content, but many of us are looking for ways to compare the content of a single. The way I look for content is limited.

we say all marketing can not be separated from the content, WeChat public number is also true. Before I wrote the content is how to find our material and material importance, so I’m going to talk about how to find the explosion today, to day up hundreds of fans, here involves how we find the group burst, and we need to choose those things which the explosion, which can achieve high content the purpose of the forward. In fact, we want to achieve up to hundreds of thousands of words, we need is to share high forwarding, the only way to expand the exposure rate.

We want to search for the

or the explosion today so we not only through WeChat search public number, and the third party software, rely on these to find the contents are has been got, so we can not reach the content delivery timeliness, first of all, we need to do is we need to find the most "new information content:

1 Baidu http://s.top.baidu.com

we through the Baidu Fengyun list, you can find a lot of popular content, such as:


we know that the last two days the news forum fire is the Chengdu female driver was playing video, then we need to put these popular content push in their headlines, thus increasing the exposure rate. We know that the recent fire is relatively old after dinner, this film made a series of articles, what old Bi’s words, the old Bi has a new job, this depends on the key words are of the old Bi hot topic in a series of articles, such a large amount of reading. Like Chengdu, like the driver, yesterday also triggered from hit to be beaten! Chengdu female driver to open the room 86 times after the period are calculated out, as shown in:


we see, read the headlines in general is only ten thousand or twenty thousand, but today because of the content, the amount of reading reached more than 50 thousand, so we analyze the content of why there is such a large amount of reading, the main reason is the social impact, as well as through forwarding share, obtained a number of new fans, so we you can rely on the content to bring hundreds of fans is not a problem, for such a large growth, thousands of fans are also possible.

2 major forum


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