Copywriting advertising marketing and so on a few things well known advertising Ma Song 5 topics

first issue: about CMO and CEO

1, you have been a topic of debate in CMO and CEO, qualified CMO you should have what qualities and skills? How to be a good CMO


I participated in the two days before such a meeting, which is related to management, but not so much relationship with marketing.

I think a CMO is at least a partner level, not a marketing director or marketing manager. Not only to do promotion, dissemination and other things, he should be a senior manager to see the company’s perspective. Then the company is all his affairs, including the production of what products, how to meet the consumers, then what channels, what is my plan this year, the company’s strategy, he actually should be involved.

opened the business school inside, Kotler wrote the classic textbook "marketing", very clear about what the marketing people do. The earliest time to do market research, to understand the needs of consumers in accordance with the requirements of the product design and research and development recommendations to the recommendations, and then develop a price strategy to find the marketing channels, and then do promotion. Based on the closed loop marketing, but also to do after sales investigation, customer relations, how to improve the product. 4P theory, the first P is Product, rather than Promotion.


startups have a lot of CEO, CTO, CMO, in most cases may be the three of you. In fact, there is no need, when the start-up is called business, do things on the line.

2, you in the storm as a creative partner (including CMO), will talk about in the time when Party A and Party B responsibility in service, feel


feels not quite, my earliest in Ogilvy, later went to the blue label, has been in the position of Party B. Then I left the label to the business, in fact I am a person, you can think of me as a marketing manager. There are too many factors associated with marketing results. For example, we do online education, the impact of factors such as the visibility of the teacher. Then you have the ability to find a more powerful teacher. We cooperate with Wang Lifen quality rice network, find Yu Minhong and Li Wanqiang millet. Registration of many people, this is not the result of marketing, is the result of the operation, not to say how good our Idea, poster creative how good.

do when the storm mirror, you will find more problems. Prior to do this simple product is very simple, we do not do it for half a year, on the first party to do a hardware when you find it really difficult. My recent experience is that the supply chain, quality control and so on with the business of these things is too complicated.

at the time of Party B, we only care about how much money the customer in the advertising company, whether good ideas. But what is the biggest problem with advertising companies

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