The new public how not to spend a penny plus more than and 200 precision powder

09 years I just contact network promotion, had heard of Taobao, also go a little understanding, if at that time if they work hard to understand the Taobao off that piece, may also earn a lot of money, I still can not contact, though, because there is no clue later to give up! The second year is the end of 2010, when Taobao is hot off a lot of friends are in the Taobao customer commission, I also look jealous, then began to study Taobao customers, toss a lot, spent a lot of time, and finally give up! Because after a period of time, found that pay with the harvest is not proportional, but many people do, do Taobao customers but also because of this, so many people give up halfway.

2012 WeChat

public platform online, many webmaster in website hangs WeChat two-dimensional code, I am no exception, and in the registration website hangs WeChat two-dimensional code, there are a lot of friends to promote the public number every day, did not go to study the use of WeChat, WeChat does not know the spread of power, then one after another see a lot of reports that WeChat platform can make money, one day earn hundreds of thousands of tens of thousands a day, many fans like myself, and was attracted by. Although some exaggeration, but I believe these reports will certainly There are plenty of people who make money out of thin air. So I think, although now WeChat public platform has fire can’t fire, after all can do the Internet for so many years, if go to business or take care of should be harvested, so spend a few hours planning, according to the resources around them, and their own interest, experience, do micro signal photography.

is the first self introduction, my name is dust in the wind, the original founder of the SEO school, also Changsha Tourism Bureau contributing photographer nipic, photographers, photographers oak photography net. So I have some resources, coupled with their own interests, so it is not difficult to operate a photographic micro signal. At the beginning of June, micro signal is officially launched, every day in addition to go out taking pictures, take the time to take care of the website, then promotion update micro signal, the following is the detailed data of the micro signal in mid June figure. Before seen a lot of articles that day with hundreds of thousands of fans, and then focus on his micro signal and found not to write the same, visits each article only a few dozen, does not meet the common sense, no matter whether your fans is accurate, if there are tens of thousands of fans, such as low traffic? Only! That is the release of the PS is the number of fans. Back to the topic, the following share how I plus 200+ fan


this is the detailed signal data figure

1, post forum to promote

said here, Post Bar Promotion Forum promotion is not for you to look for a needle in the ocean like, should be targeted, such as photography, micro signal, it will have to find Post Bar, photography Photography Forum. The promotion of the method is very simple, the promotion of the signature, trumpet promotion, soft Wen promotion, etc..

2, email marketing

outdoor micro signal

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