To make a creative poster set a small goal such as a bright spot

brand, is the most common form of posters, the same color of the poster is also the most difficult to do. A good creative posters, often give people a feeling of sympathy. The quality of a good poster depends on a variety of factors: creativity, brain holes, or design techniques. Today, by the UC recently released several groups of posters, analysis to enhance the poster force and creative skills.

brand communication mood, according to the scene to set

– offline airport edition

different scenarios, the style of the poster design should be consistent. Take the terminal poster, the design style is best to create a sense of travel.


(content officer hard wide poster – Airport Edition)

this airport poster background, chose this mountain and sky can make to the person infinite longing picture, from the lofty place overlooking the angle, yet to take off people as to the cloud.


This group of

poster elements more text, image elements and partial information intensive, so choose to use bright yellow and white to highlight the main information. The hands of the characters and parallel eyes, so that the audience will naturally focus on the central line of sight.


The background color of the night sky blue sky, purple

selection and color, high brightness in the airport, the visual effect is better. Deep quiet color can excess light diluted environment, and can alleviate the anxiety of waiting. The same as the Gao Xiaosong version of toyama.


The use of

synthesis technique, easy in the poster. People around the globe and bookshelves, astronauts, these elements show curiosity and desire to explore, with channel attribute this preference of the high-end crowd at the airport.


The essence of

synthesis lies in the unity and harmony of the elements.


– web version

for the spread of Internet attitude posters, design ideas and different. The same is Kevin Tsai, handwriting style in the personality presented with more sex, and then use the line box this popular and classic method, the copy will be isolated from the screen, the overall partial minimalist.


(content officer attitude poster)

if you are careful, can also be seen from the degree of harmony, the vertical line frame length and the ratio of the height of full page poster is the golden ratio, the eternal beauty of mathematics.



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