A5 financing briefing Ling vein network association ndia with biological pulse search shoot for

1 Ling network

investors: laterite venture fund collar vote, zijiangqiye with cast

investment amount: 50 million yuan

recently, Mai Ling network completed nearly 50 million yuan A round of financing, by the Shenzhen Venture Capital Group and its laterite venture fund led A shares, packaging and printing industry leading companies with investment zijiangqiye.





investment amount: one million yuan

recently learned, Gaga millions of angel round of financing, by individual investment. Learn APP Gaga is the education and training institutions of a connected area, designed for 0-15 years old children and their parents to provide agency information screening appointments, and parental communication course group purchase 020 e-commerce platform.


3 Pea Princess

: orld Innovation Lab capital lead investor, Itochu, intime capital, Tao Yun investment capital with

investment amount: $26 million

focuses on the day Amoy cross-border Pea Princess announced B $26 million round of financing, by one of Japan’s biggest VC World Innovation Lab lead investor, Itochu, intime capital, investment capital with Tao yun.


4 together print

Investment: Sovereign capital and panmao venture capital lead investor, angel investor Cai Jingzhong with the cast of

investment amount: 10 million yuan

B2B printing enterprise "India" to get ten million yuan Pre-A round of financing, by the sovereign capital and venture capital panmao (steel’s network) lead investor, angel investor Cai Jingzhong with the vote.


5 search bud

investors: U.S. star group, Southern China, a leading group of chemical fiber group, the original investor zero or one capital, innovation and investment in the workplace with Wu Xiaoguang cast

investment amount: 10 million yuan

recently, the fabric B2B platform "search bud" announced the completion of the tens of millions of RMB A and A+ round of financing, the star group, Southern China chemical fiber group led zero or one party, the original investment capital, innovation works and investor Wu Xiaoguang with the vote.


6 shop interconnection

Investment: China Everbright Chinese Ruihua Opportunity Fund led the vanguard group, with the cast of

investment amount: 700 million yuan

store Internet announced today in Beijing by Chinese Opportunity Fund led Everbright Ruihua, pioneer group with 700 million yuan investment in B round of financing, and Ping An Bank, Beiqi new energy enterprises in supply.

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