Talk about my views on enterprise website marketing two

I have said that for the enterprise website to promote the marketing of hard technology, the optimization of the enterprise site to a certain extent, it is necessary to come out from the corporate website, to promote other platforms.

(a) to promote the relevant industry website platform

promotion in the industry on the site more targeted audience is concerned, this industry is all users, potential customers in the industry website users are having professional knowledge of the product, in this website for marketing to get potential customers need to use professional knowledge to communicate with them, often participate in they discussed some practical, often published articles, through the accumulation of time, the brand image of the enterprise is deeply the user’s heart, the formation of brand effect.

(two) to promote trade platform

in the promotion of trade website, direct contact with the buyers, user oriented professional level is uneven, and most of them have related knowledge, people who promotion means, who provide information to meet the needs of users, who will be able to evoke potential customers desire to buy.

For the promotion of

on these sites, the use of evaluation can often release some products, and the use of new product experience, allowing users to fully understand the characteristics of products, and also can write some practical articles to the user, allowing users to accept the company’s products and the company when communicating with you brand.

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