On the publicity of local websites

how to do a good job of local websites, is related to the development of local web site, let us explore the following direction

1, QQ group promotion

I said here is the local website, QQ does a very good way, how do you say? 2 a webmaster in local QQ group to see today. All 2 of them are local forum webmaster, but their propaganda is completely different aspects of.

is a news reporter, and the other is a game player. In the group, I have never seen the game player about his site, today I just ask, who is standing in this group, he immediately run out, I can say is we in this. The group for 1 years, often chat, but not heard him say, he has a forum, and another station, he is a journalist, every day he can collect new material, and it is the original. He also adhere to the daily connections in the group (XX, today the XX, then took his forum connection), what happened to our city? I am unable to restrain the emotions up, also brought him a IP, they visited the forum that everyone should know about


2, word of mouth

In fact, the local

site reputation propaganda effect to achieve the best! How is your site for the user experience, the content is original, if the user does not love you ‘? If a site is a open sky advertising, you are introduced to your friends? So, website, user experience, and original, is a way to build the reputation of the


3, targeted publicity

‘s advertising, has received the majority of BS users, we can change a way to publicize the specific publicity, you get to see what the local website (think of yourself, if your site is the content of the post to the commercial advertising, not much use!)

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