The first letter of second hand car crazy brainwashing advertising on brand marketing

marketing year after year, especially this year, more tricks. Excellent letter second-hand car ho throw 30 million seconds of advertising to 60, crazy brainwashing advertising not only brings a powerful visual impact, which is not a small mental shock. The phrase "on the last excellent letter of second-hand car" slogan was "impressive and easy to remember," or, or open loop repeat mode Bo "extraordinary" worth mentioning, have to say, in a lively discussion of the public in excellent letter second-hand car success. Liu Yuhan believes that the excellent letter to the development of second-hand car in the second-hand car market in the spring is approaching, the second-hand car brand marketing ringing salute, worth its successful brand marketing mode on the industry.

excellent letter in March this year, second-hand car is excellent letter group launched a new B2C business brand, and now only 7 months of operation, the variety of brand marketing, catapulted the phenomenon of well-known brands, to create a brand marketing miracle. I’m afraid not so successful by 30 million, 60 seconds will be able to explain such figures, the correct interpretation of excellent letter second-hand car brand marketing is not only to enhance a second-hand car industry promotion, is to break the siege of a new brand of industry is very good reference. To this end, the Yu from four aspects of excellent letter of second-hand car brand marketing value.

first of all, from the second-hand car market in recent years of development, from Beijing since June 2011 to achieve the second-hand car trading and new car transaction the ratio of one to one relationship, means that the market began to enter the mature stage. According to the "China second-hand car e-commerce Stock Market Research Report on the first half of 2015" show: the first half of 2015, China second-hand car business platform overall trading volume of 478 thousand cars, 139% year-on-year growth in the first half of 2014, according to industry estimates, the second half of the second-hand car trading volume this year will continue to go after the new car trading volume, and the trading of second-hand car at the end of the year is expected to exceed 10 million units, China second-hand car market ushered in a faster and greater development speed. It can be seen that the excellent letter of second-hand car is not unreasonable ", the development of the market Hyun nouveau riche" but saw steady win. The development of mature market and great potential for development, provide a strong guarantee for the rise of a new brand.

secondly, the time is ripe for marketing, then choose what platform of communication, how to spread is the next question to be considered. It is reported that the "The Voice of China" national network in the fourth quarter finals ratings of nearly 3%, while the third quarter finals of the national network ratings 2.48%, the second quarter finals of the national network ratings 2.31%, this also created a finals record ratings, excellent letter of second-hand car choice ratings Changhong "China good voice", for brands the ratings, largely representing the exposure rate. In addition, the brainwashed 60 seconds advertising dominated the mainstream TV, Internet and mobile terminal, to "The Voice of China Xianshengduoren", to show all the media coverage of the smooth realization of the brand of blasting. The role of TV, network and mobile terminals in the three major media is immeasurable.

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