A million yuan Angel round to do shopping spree in the sea Amoy snack business


it is understood that the sea Amoy business snacks "shopping spree" has been completed ten million yuan level Angel round of financing this month, the joint injection by Mr. Wu Kezhong, chairman of the advantages of capital and other personal capital. Funds will be mainly used in team expansion, supply chain layout, and the cultivation of seed users.

cross-border electricity supplier development so far, the competition has been emphasized on diapers, milk and other goods goods gradually transferred to the explosion of the long tail of non-standard. The reason lies in the Red Sea, the majority of the head of the commodity has been the lack of sufficient profit margins; and clothing, snacks, pet supplies and other emerging categories in the supply chain and the price has greater room for negotiation. We say this "shopping spree", do is the vertical snacks category of sea Amoy business, but stressed that "Weihuo" ideas.

founder Zou Tao told the 36 krypton, is optimistic about the sea Amoy snacks in this direction, mainly has the following considerations:

frequent domestic food safety scandals, giving consumers a stronger motivation for imported food purchases;

compared to cosmetics, shoes, bags and other categories, the price difference between domestic and foreign snacks, the user is relatively easy to accept;

food brand awareness of the public is relatively low, people in the purchase of snacks when the general will not be specific to a brand, user education costs.

but in fact, and the "shopping spree" have similar views and a lot of game player. And do not say "shop No. 1" old players, the whole category of sea Amoy game player such as "little red book" and "NetEase have added a koala snacks section, but also locate the sea Amoy business delicacy" Princess "shortly before the burst of tens of millions of yuan A round of financing sources.

compared to "shopping spree on positioning is different, they choose to cut from a poop ring, the main concept of" more than half of the electricity supplier. And to explain more than half of the electricity supplier, the first need to do a simple introduction to the traditional mode of snack flow:

in the past, the market operation, foreign food shelves in China before the supermarket will flow through the importer Dealers – retailers three ring. Due to the problem related to the shelf life of food, the general shelf life of more than half of the retailers will return to traders. These returned snacks tend to be local goods at very low purchase price, and then sold to the wedding market, cafeteria, factories and other closed channels. Usually an import price in about 10 of the goods, the price recovery period after more than half of the goods in the 1~2 dollars. The price is based on the "cliff" attitude to fall.

want to be "shopping spree", is an online version of the direct 2C goods. But the platform would set the sale price according to the schedule and fresh goods, to digest these "flash purchase form more than half of the product".


framework, "the amount of orders a shopping spree".

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