The industry needs new rules reasonable rules

website industry needs new rules, reasonable rules! National supervision of the Internet is not wrong, but some of the current rules, is really dumbfounding, this is the result of the laymen? The current non operating site audit record of several limited, not realistic, not rule in terms of scrutiny, the majority of these terms, the real information must be doomed to fraud by.

1, you must fill in the


now there are many people in this antique landline? Non business website for the many individuals are to do, is not it also forcing people to buy a ah, but had to invent a fake phone number or with relatives and friends to deal with.

2, each person, each unit license number can only apply for a web site for the record.

survey, each unit and individual website can only have one more out of the need to fabricate false information again?

3, the number of the site has not been able to modify the registration information

means that every time, modify the registration content, to contact the local authority to manually modify, each person, each unit of the telephone number and address change. It is very common, such rules can only lead to these subjects even when the information is changed, because of trouble, it will not take the initiative to contact the provincial authority modify the original record information, and become false. While the Ministry of checks, found false seal sealing station, station, station and modify the contact opening, waste a lot of manpower and resources, harass the people and waste money.

4, the site for space, for access providers, for IP is often the case, the record can not be modified, but also the emergence of the same situation of the third.

5, A or B unit to the construction site, the territorial issue filing number, local record number are on the ID card or license address, it will lead to people only use local ID card to apply for the record, this is also a be (forced) out of the false information. I am from Shandong, working in Shanghai, built a website in the face of the people of Shanghai, the number of the record by the current ICP Lu Lu…, inappropriate, right?

6, increase the registration function, and apply for cancellation function, many had prepared the case after the domain name does not renew, then register, after registration cannot be submitted for the record application, can only use the original record number, and false information.

modification proposal:

1, the abolition of plane project is required to ensure the validity of the contact way, can be set to two mandatory landline telephone number, but the mobile phone.

2, the abolition of each person can only be a unit for the record of the terms of the site, the main body of the provisions of the provisions of repeated restrictions abolished.

3, giving the record holder the right to modify the input information, can be limited to only once a month to modify.

4, the person who is responsible for the revision of the record

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