Purchasing will die Electricity providers compete for hundreds of billions of overseas shopping mark

[Abstract] there are 24 home appliance enterprises in the customs to complete the record, the sale of overseas commodities such as food, cosmetics, maternal and child supplies, etc..


Tencent science and technology Hu Jun June 20th reported

Ms. Zhang, who lives in Beijing, is the mother of 2 year old

. And all the same, due to the poor level of English, many times before the purchase of imported food through the direct purchase platform to make her feel particularly inconvenient. At the beginning of June this year, she began to direct in COFCO’s I buy online buy British imports for his son Organix (Ou Geni) and other food puree.

Zhang is just a microcosm of many sea Amoy buyers shopping experience. In May this year, I bought the network fully opened, milk and other food puree overseas direct purchase business. At the beginning of the June, I bought net joint CEA, become the domestic electricity supplier in the field of charter flights to the procurement of goods from overseas the first to eat crab.

In addition to

I bought a net force overseas food purchases, a wave of domestic electricity supplier is speeding up overseas shopping this piece of fat. After the Jingdong opened up overseas purchase channel, Ali launched the "Tmall international website, SF launched sea purchase Feng Yun, Suning has launched a global purchase, they have cut into the overseas shopping market in Home Furnishing, cosmetics, clothing and other fields. In May this year, Ali announced that the United States and the electricity supplier logistics company ShopRunner reached a cooperation, Chinese users from the summer of this year can be ordered directly through the offshore platform Ali overseas goods. Last week, sources said vip.com is scouring the sea to test the waters of the business, including clothing and accessories, household goods and cosmetics, etc..

according to the Shanghai customs data show that there are currently 24 home appliance business in the customs to complete the record, the sale of overseas goods including food, bags, cosmetics, maternal and child supplies, etc..

with these electricity providers players into the board, online shopping channels overseas will become more formal and orderly, originally not standardized purchasing market and the operation of the direct purchase of the platform will be subject to a certain degree of impact. What is more that those involved in overseas shopping and commercial enterprises will become the purchasing power industry gravedigger.

but now, they just take the first step Denver "overseas shopping market" the Long March, the road ahead is still long.

users and electronic business platform double benefit

, a lucrative market blowout, which is the main reason for many business line force Shanghai shopping.

in recent years, on the one hand, domestic food safety products such as frequent problems, on the other hand, the domestic and international commodity price difference is astounding. So foreign infant milk powder, food, watches, cosmetics and other domestic users need to become a big wave. According to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center data show that in 2013 the scale of overseas purchasing more than 60 billion yuan.

, according to the person in charge of the network I bought Shang Shang Yan introduction, previously, most of the domestic users overseas shopping (sea Amoy) mainly take C2C>

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