The second week of December the world’s fastest growing business network ranked fifth Top15 domain


IDC Chinese review network December 17th reported: according to the latest statistics agency released data show that as of December 10, 2012, the fastest growth in the global domain name registrar Top15 finalists, China accounted for only three seats.


China nets (HICHINA) ranked fifth, 827 new domain name. Yovole networks (YOVOLE.COM) increased 403, ranking seventh; Western Digital (WEST263.COM) increased 116, ranking ninth.

compared with last week, a decrease of seats. Love tennis had to withdraw from the top fifteen list. And then China nets continue to lead the domestic domain name domain name market, growth rate ranks fifth in the world, the chain fell two ranking last week. Yovole networks also fell two ranking, fell from fifth to seventh; the Western Digital rose to a ranking of tenth to ninth.


article by the Chinese IDC review of the original network editor, the original address: (if reproduced, please indicate the source)

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