2015 BAT three giant inventory Alibaba Empire

2015 China Internet venture capital inventory, with data and ideas, to share with you in 2015 the domestic Internet venture, investment, large companies, listed, failure and other comprehensive information.

BAT three giant strategy, IT is very concerned about the worth of oranges, and the global Internet practitioners Chinese attention, because of their "Internet empire" has formed, both in their own business, investment or acquisition, or globalization strategy, the three companies involved in almost all of the Internet or Internet plus the field, continue to extend the business territory and the territory, it is no exaggeration to say that BAT has bought most of the Internet Chinese. The next IT oranges will be divided into three articles were part of the 2015 annual inventory of large companies to concentrate on. Today is mainly to bring the Empire of Alibaba.

in September 2014 after the NASDAQ listed Alibaba, the largest U.S. stocks to create a IPO record, in 2015 it is the first full year before the show in the world.

this year, the Alibaba’s share price fell from $103.94 to $81.27 at the end of the year, down the rate reached 21.8%, the market capitalization of $202 billion 800 million, fifth of the world’s largest Internet Co, the highest market value of China Internet giant


this year, Alibaba revenue increased from 2014 yuan in fiscal year to $2015 in fiscal year 110 billion 700 million, the growth rate of more than 110%, the average monthly income of $210 thousand, double the turnover of more than 91 billion 200 million yuan on the same day,

this year, Alibaba invested $18 billion 300 million invested more than 65 companies, spent $5 billion acquisition of 8 companies, spent $2 billion 500 million investment in 15 overseas companies;

this year, Alibaba’s electricity supplier, financial empire to grow further, entertainment, media, O2O Empire prototype has been in health care, business services (Cloud Computing) continued to increase investment;

this year, the Alibaba organizational structure has been adjusted several times, from Zhang Yong Lu Zhaoxi took over as CEO group, to the end of the "small front, controlling for mutual collaborative innovation architecture.

first, Alibaba’s business expansion

Alibaba’s mission is to let the world is not difficult to do business, closely around the core of the transaction, to build a new business ecosystem. In this domain, e-commerce, finance is the absolute leading business; local life O2O, media, health care, entertainment and business services (Cloud Computing) is a relatively leading business; tourism, hardware, games, education, automotive, real estate investment and business breakthrough is continued. This article briefly introduces the four pillars of the Alibaba: electronic commerce, finance, local life O2O, pan entertainment.

1, e-commerce – globalization, rural electricity supplier, logistics system, B2B

e-commerce domain

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