The storm mirror adjustment strategy after the layoffs next year VR preferred mobile platform

in late October, the media reported layoffs storm mirror. In early November, the storm mirror CEO Huang Xiaojie issued an open letter that by splitting and layoffs, the storm mirror had more than 500 people in the team, there are 300 people in the future will focus on software and hardware platform of the core.


VR experience

cuts about two months after the storm mirror adjusting the direction has been able to see some clues, it changes the former VR glasses product strategy, launched a machine for mobile terminal. In this regard, the group CEO Feng Xin recently predicted that the next two years, VR will fully enter the mobile giant, will become a hot machine.

previously, an unnamed VR investors to accept the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, said the analysis, although the storm mirror to do ecological platform, but failed to establish barriers in this dimension, with a short time to recruit people too much, need to adjust the direction of more practical walk every step.

in late October, according to the "intellectual" quoted a storm mirror technology engineers said, layoffs reached 40% to 50%. When the storm mirror issued a statement saying, "2016 is known as the first year of VR, the whole industry has experienced the initial outbreak and rational regression." But the official did not explicitly respond to layoffs and layoffs and other reasons.

in November 6th, Huang Xiaojie publicly said that in the winter capital, there is great pressure on the operation, the storm mirror was more than 500 people in the team, the split and layoffs in some time ago, there are now 300 people team, will focus on the hardware platform of the core, the helmet, the core technology and the entrance platform do better.

it is worth noting that the storm mirror that mobile is the VR industry trend. In the industry to the bubble, their own experience in the context of the adjustment, it announced the launch of one machine 3K screen concept machine Matrix and VR glasses S1 two products, is still facing the mobile VR market.

the afternoon of December 20th, Feng Xin to the "daily economic news", the media said that the 2017 to 2018 VR industry made four predictions, including: A, VR business, people will start to make money; two, industry, tourism, education, real estate, involving cars, sports etc.; three, 500 thousand to 1 million active users four, all become a watershed; VR giants move fully into the machine, will become a hot spot.

at the same time, the "daily economic news" reporter noted that the current international manufacturers of VR devices are basically fit PC end VR helmet products in the basic price of thousands of yuan range, typical Facebook Oculus such as HTCVIVE, Rift and SONY PSVR.

previously, home to the storm mirror as the representative of a group of product adaptation of mobile phone terminal, the price is usually only.

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