P2P private lending Alibaba model to seek the ice breaking method

November 11, 2011, under the "concept of marketing singles, Taobao has created a myth that shocked the world in online shopping, single day sales exceeded 5 billion 200 million. This makes this shop has been deeply rooted in the Red Sea Hunan Miss Qu re recognized that the shop still has the opportunity, and determined to work as usual, part time entrepreneurship.


, like all young entrepreneurs, is stuck with the start-up funds. The online shop although the cost is not high, do not need too much logistics cost, but still need a certain amount of loaning money to buy goods, which is a problem of entering the workplace, Miss Qu.

some people recommend her to try online lending, mortgage loan can not, Miss Qu chose a long business time, the credibility of good quality website to submit a loan application, the second day will receive 50 thousand yuan of credit; after his loan shows released to the Internet, the number of investors will be solved as pressing danger response.

used to mention loans, or banks, or small loan companies or relatives and friends, and now, the Internet can also be loans. From 2007 onwards, in Europe and the United States has developed a very common P2P (ie Peer-to-Peer, personal to individual) lending model into china. In less than 5 years, the total size of the network lending has reached 6 billion. As of April this year, Wenzhou folk lending center gold to pilot the establishment of the first batch of four P2P website is settled in the gray areas in the P2P industry before filling the official, the development of network lending to usher in a turning point.

P2P network lending, credit to point or point, refers to the personal use of the network platform (or their idle funds for investment purposes) to the shortage of funds of the new business model, is borrowing from offline to online network edition. The borrower and the lender (also known as the "investor") in the network registration after their release information, such as the borrower publish online fund demand amount, term and interest rates; independent transaction, the user directly between the electronic contract and the platform to investors charge 2% to 4% of the cost.

P2P Chinese style evolution

P2P loan model pioneered in the United Kingdom, but now the world’s largest P2P site is the United States’ prosperity network (www.prosper.com)". Chris, founder of ·, Larson has likened his company to eBay. EBay auction is a commodity, and the prosperity of the auction is the net loan.

said that if the European P2P eBay model is adopted, so China P2P is B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C mix Alibaba operating mode + Taobao enterprise can loan to enterprises and individuals, individuals can also to individuals, and even corporate loans.

at present, the domestic P2P network lending has three main modes:

The first category of

is the offline transaction model

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