2012 China Mobile nternet scale increased by 96 4% year on year 54 billion 970 million

news January 25th, iResearch analyst Wang Ying recently released analysis report, 2012 China Mobile Internet market size of 54 billion 970 million yuan, an increase of 96.4%, affected by the rapid growth of intelligent terminals and mobile Internet users, mobile Internet market scale is rapid growth. Among them, mobile shopping and mobile marketing and other segments of the industry have been substantial growth, the rapid growth of the mobile Internet segments.

2012 China smartphone ownership of 360 million


according to iResearch statistics show that in 2012 China’s smart phone ownership reached 360 million, the growth rate of 80%, smart phones in this year has been further spread. Especially driven by low-end Android smartphones, substantial growth in the amount of intelligent mobile phone ownership, which means that the number of users to use smart mobile phone has achieved very fast growth, intelligent mobile phone has become an important carrier for the development of mobile internet.

iResearch expects the future of smart phones will continue to replace the function of the phone will continue, but the growth rate will gradually slow down, smart phone ownership in 2016 will exceed 700 million.

2012 China Mobile Internet market size 54 billion 970 million yuan


Ari analysts believe that the size of the mobile Internet market in 2012 showed rapid growth, the main driving force is the rapid development of mobile shopping. 2012, the rapid growth of the size of smart phones and Internet users to provide a user base for the development of the mobile Internet market, prompting the various segments have been rapid growth.

mobile Internet market after 2011 and 2012 years of rapid development, will gradually return to reason. 2013, the key to the development of the mobile Internet market is to explore innovative business models and improve liquidity, market growth in the next few years will tend to slow down.

mobile shopping will become the largest mobile Internet industry segments



mobile value-added mobile Internet for the first segment of the industry, the share accounted for 53%, mobile shopping accounted for 23.7%, is expected to 2014, the size of the mobile shopping market will exceed the mobile value-added, the mobile Internet has become the first major industry segments. The rapid growth of mobile shopping is a driving factor, rapid growth by intelligent terminal and network speed and improve the user habits change to promote the rapid development of mobile shopping; two is the electronic commerce is the mobile Internet business model is relatively mature, promote the business enterprise and the traditional enterprise mobile providers in the layout. Promote the development of mobile shopping market.

mobile search market share will be

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