Technology pioneer electricity merchants how eyeball payment

business development, business leaders started obsessions, they speak English, talk about feelings, movies, from time to time be splashed on a chicken soup, but had to admit, China business people really made some achievements, in fact, backed by the world’s largest consumer market, can not think of results are more difficult, besides, China business never stop efforts, perhaps, they have been selling fake goods, also rely on "praise division to survive, but prosperity with customers, sales of electrical stability, merchants began slowly washes away the stain, rapid growth in product quality, logistics efficiency as the core, and even began to try some of the latest technology, and made great breakthrough. To electricity traders perennial, quietly changed the Chinese consumer shopping habits, in today’s Chinese, electronic shopping is no longer fashionable people, but more and more people have physical stores to be different, they are either natural or pure wood louse, is focusing on the quality of life of nouveau riche!


Ma Dashuai said that the electricity supplier to do need to focus on three core aspects: integrity, payment and logistics, obviously, the three core areas after 10 years of development has made remarkable progress, one of the most outstanding achievements are: pay more and more simple operation, safety is more and more high, Alipay, WeChat and other software to pay for Ali, backed by giant Tencent, reliability of no less than four large state-owned banks, a lot of change to the electricity supplier payment software, has been forced to pay means continuous improvement.

eyeball payment gimmick greater than utility

human means of payment is a process of sustainable development, the first online payment process is complex, consumers need to spend a lot of time to go to the bank to go through the formalities, when the site registration also need a superb collection of beautiful things verification, more important is the safety problem, which make consumers simply do not want to put the money in payment software. In this context, consumers often pay registration process complex and halfway up, some consumers value the goods, but suffer from no money payment software, choose to give up, to know that online shopping are not too urgent, not the hospital to buy medicine, do not buy wedding room, if not smooth with good the means of payment, the consumer is difficult to endure a "don’t need to buy the goods.


The earlier

basic network payment only exists in the computer, the whole process is limited in a display before the form is single, almost become the development of the electricity supplier gate. With the mobile Internet hot, online payment appears more and more in front of the screen, the traditional PC, intelligent mobile phone, tablet or carrier of electronic watches can be used as online payment form, also enriched:

now, the means of payment should be more influx of fingerprint payment, because each person’s fingerprint is unique and can carry, save consumers a lot of trouble, we don’t even bother to remember your password, a student with card, full head is.

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