The world’s largest hacker attack affair website Mistress published information

surging news reporter Fang Xiao

according to foreign media reports, days before the online affair website was hacked, stolen a large number of user data and information of the company responsible for the events of the hacking team said the move is not to expose the commitments made when the website promotion. triggered a huge moral controversy has also made it tough in many countries. was founded in 2002, is a married person with friends, dating service website, advocating the "life is short, the town" (Life is short. Have an affair). Founder of the company claims that its ultimate mission is "to promote the perfect affair". The site currently has 37 million members worldwide last year, the rapid expansion of its foray into East Asia, for example, in June last year in Japan, August in Hongkong China, November Taiwan China landing. However, the huge moral controversy triggered by the site in many countries have been severely resisted.

    members of the site are listed in detail the purpose of friends, personal fantasies, ideal partners and other types of information.

surging news ( log on to the website, found that the members of the site are detailed list of all kinds of information, personal sexual fantasies, dating to the ideal partner, there is a special user feedback, the majority of members were married for sex.

, a large number of stolen user data is published on the Internet, individual or group is responsible for the matter that has been completely to steal the user of the website database, financial data and other proprietary information. These information has not yet been released on the Internet may cause no harm to the 37 million users of the site.

reported that the incident is responsible for the hacker / hacker team named The Impact Team, has been published on the Internet is Avid Life Media (ALM) some of the internal sensitive data. This is located in Toronto, Canada, the company has not only, but also has Cougar Life and Established Men dating sites dating.

ALM CEO Neal Biedermann (Noel Biderman) in an interview Sunday confirmed that the company data theft, he also said ALM is "crazy, trying to" protect the intellectual property of the ALM. In the 30 minutes of the interview, The Impact Team many published data link has been inaccessible.

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