Yangzhou cracked the first case of Trojan Trojan hacking monthly suction gold

"Bole Trojan" is currently the top three virus, open Baidu search, enter "Bole Trojan", a total of more than 25 thousand and 100 related information. See this information, not only introduced the use, and download method, and killing the tutorial…… The Internet "Bole" flourishing. More data speculation, the virus maker nearly one million yuan a month suction.

in mid July this year, after 4 months of careful investigation, a "Trojan horses" famous maker in Shenzhen, Yangzhou was arrested by the police, this is also the first domestic manufacturing Trojans captured them.


value of eight thousand yuan stolen sword

at the beginning of April this year, netizens Pelle playing computer games, the screen suddenly jump out of a window, called Click to download the program, can improve the speed of the game, he was no hesitation, point down.

, however, after a lapse of 10 minutes or so, many inexplicable websites continue to pop up, and cannot be turned off, his estimate may be poisoned, then turn off the computer. But when he opened his game account again, the accident occurred: all the equipment on the body evaporation, a value of 8000 yuan knife has no trace. Xiaoqiu thinks this is illegal means to steal others take their game equipment, immediately to the police.

at this time Yangzhou City Public Security Bureau police detachment is very busy. Recently, the alarm processing platform through the Internet every day to accept such a dozen cases of stolen equipment games. After verification, the police judge, this is likely to be called a "Bole" trojan virus is. The police immediately carry out the investigation, follow the "hoof" find "horse people". Judged by screening, tens of thousands of information, a claim to the virus makers who entered the police’s attention, his name is "bole".

July 8th, catch horse action in full swing. In the morning, in the YangZhou Railway Station waiting room, "Bole" just before it was taken away by police, according to the "Bole" account, production, sales of Trojan horse is a clear division of the organization, and he is only responsible for online sales. All of the virus program is a man called big brother, because only online transactions, big brother, what is the name, what do not know what looks like.

take the lead in "big brother" arrested

view "Bole" and "big brother" conversations, the police found a "big brother" from Zhejiang to Taizhou, and did not notice the "horses" has fallen into the hands of the police. In July 9th, second days is the "Bole" arrest, arrest teams appear in a district of Taizhou.

"Hello, please open the door, we are the district wuguan." Police pressed the doorbell and said loudly. The door opened a crack, the police pushed the door and will be unprepared for the "big brother" arrested. The police found this room is a double deck, and disguise, from outside the stairs to reach the top. Open the door upstairs, the scene is shocking, more than and 10 desktop computer, notebook computer, server staggered, 4 staff members are testing new compilation >

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