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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network September 18th news, China auto rental released the latest announcement, announced that the Shenzhou car operators excellent car technology Co. Ltd. has just won $550 million B round of financing, China auto rental to subscribe for $50 million in preferred stock.

Shenzhou car this year entered the market in January, July 1st completed A $250 million round of financing, after only two months after the completion of the B round of financing, investment and financing in the current market cooling speed is quite fast. This proves that recognized the different mode of Shenzhou car, on the other hand, it is proved that the great attraction of the market.

Shenzhou car for China auto rental launched into the car market, January 2015, China auto rental announced by driving car service providers and vehicle technology cooperation with the third generation of the way to enter the car market. The specific mode of cooperation, China auto rental through long rent short rent mode to provide excellent car vehicle technology, excellent car technology using these vehicles to provide services to customers in the car driving on behalf of part of the city China. Shenzhou car and car technology through a combination of brand "on both sides of the Shenzhou car, to jointly promote the advantages of science and technology on behalf of the driving car service car.

After the

round of financing, Shenzhou car valuation of $3 billion 550 million. In addition to China auto rental, Legend Holdings, Warburg investment is also involved in this round of financing. Among them, Tourmaline  Gem for the international Private Equity Investment Firm   Warburg  Pincus  LLC Associated company. Melt celebration by the Beijing Jun union Capital Management Co., Ltd., Legend Holdings holds 20% stake in Beijing Jun alliance capital management limited.

it is understood that the current domestic Internet car market has already formed the Shenzhou car, drops fast accounted for most of the market and Uber three companies, "a situation of tripartite confrontation" pattern of the market. Prior to September 10th of this year, the company announced that fast, due to additional investment by investors, the company’s new round of a total of $3 billion financing has been completed, before the announcement of the results on the additional $2 billion.

At present the big three car

mode, Shenzhou car using B2C mode, the vehicle from China auto rental leasing company or third party, but not all companies are using this model. The existing model of private cars more enterprises, will have to face a certain impact, but the impact of how much is still needed after the introduction of the new deal observation. If the impact of the need to supplement the vehicle even if the enterprise does not take into account the limitations of the first tier cities license factor, the cost increase is certainly uncertain.

industry insiders, continued high financing and high valuations behind the Shenzhou car B2C the difference mode is promising, especially when the B round of financing policies on the eve of the domestic car.

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