Taobao plans to start the acquisition of the intention to launch the site has been evaluated

March 22nd morning news, the day before the media reports will put Taobao’s customer service upgrade Taobao alliance, and the alliance is expected this year will be to bring more than 1 billion of the income of small sites. It is understood that the program was named the "blue whale" in Taobao inside, the small website aims to tap the potential marketing potential.

It is reported that Taobao

, the blue whale plan is not just advertising alliance form, which will have more action. Taobao insiders, advertising alliance is the blue whale plan of the tip of the iceberg, in addition to advertising, Taobao may also take the acquisition of shares in, and other means to improve the whole the upstream and downstream industry chain.

in addition to small sites, other well-known professional vertical website, large commercial sites may become potential partners. Taobao related departments are some of the country’s well-known commercial sites and small sites for value assessment, and may be in the next period of time, and the business negotiations with these sites.

according to Taobao internal data show that as of the end of 09, Taobao average daily Commission of up to 500 thousand passengers, some of the excellent small and medium-sized daily profit of up to several million yuan. Currently, this figure has reached 1 million per day.

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