Pinterest wave swept over the Chinese nternet sites over 30

      in the spring of 2010, like a hurricane become fashionable for a time Groupon the China Internet, after more than a year, and a burst from the other side of the ocean "Pinterest wind" once again visit China. In 2011, social product Pinterest traffic grew rapidly. Last year experienced explosive growth, Pinterest the number of independent visitors currently has reached 11 million 700 thousand, among the top 4 American social networking site, next to the famous Twitter.

and Groupon, Pinterest appeared more and more followers in Chinese, such as sugar, US, I know heaps of love, petals network, beauty said,…… Behind this there are many Internet executives figure. According to statistics, the current domestic website with Pinterest elements has been more than 30, and this number is still increasing.

in addition, the Internet giants have also involved in this field, including (micro-blog),, everyone, where the company also launched Pinterest products.

Pinterest why can in such a short period of time, by the China "imitation" guests agree after Pinterest? By capital blitz, "whether the group Pin war will repeat the group purchase website for the mistakes? And the social interest graph is the relationship between the new electricity supplier of new birth pictures SNS era?

entrepreneurs get together PIN tide

Pinterest was founded in 2011, from English meaning, by Pin and interest (PIN) (interest), is a social networking site located in the shared vision. Interest based social networking sites through this waterfall stream in the form of pictures in the United States quickly jump red, in 2011 to become the American social network in a dark horse.

The birth of

Pinterest and founder of Ben Silbermann a close. Ben in Silbermann to buy an engagement ring for my girlfriend, like a variety of rings, but there are too many options to be repeated comparison, it is convenient, the favorite ring printed pictures with a thumbtack on the wall, choose together with his girlfriend, he so adorable to send a business idea, if there is a website can not better put these photos are posted on the same page for those who need to choose which? Pinterest began to spread across the nation from a simple idea.

relative to the entrepreneurial experience than Ben Silbermann, China’s imitation of the passengers who seem to be more high-end". The "daily economic news" reporter learned that most of these imitators was born in the major Internet Co, has a rich Internet experience.

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