One week news review Baidu investment in people’s network Vice President Ali Liu Chunning was arres

1.QQ plagiarism WeChat push public platform

quietly, QQ launched the QQ platform for public number (, the news shocked, I quickly climbed from the bed, the gentle is likely to fall. According to Baidu snapshot shows that early ownership is Tencent application treasure, recently updated to QQ public platforms, a good search snapshot of the results show that the snapshot date for June 14, 2015, now you can use the QQ account registration.

Tencent released 2015 Q1 quarterly earnings report, QQ monthly active accounts reached 832 million, down by 2% over last year. QQ intelligent terminal monthly active accounts reached 603 million, an increase of 23% over last year. WeChat and WeChat combined monthly active accounts for 549 million, up from the volume ratio, the number of users of WeChat is less than QQ, and the reputation of the user and the breadth, QQ is stronger than WeChat, in many remote areas, QQ is popular".

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2 they

the bitterness of failure: the tragic history of network, blog, Chinese etang Cool 6 network, no meal…  

industry tide, sea Amoy passengers. No one is doomed to success, luck, opportunity, confidence, vision, etc. have decided how long you can run, the ultimate dream of entrepreneurship can be achieved. In this protracted war, the former blood that you absolutely need to do pay attention to the. Xiao Bian today to find a dry cargo, share with you.

network: Yitang lack of position, financing too much

advantage: etang network founder Tang Haisong formed a dream team – by 5 Harvard MBA and two University of Chicago MBA. Business plan to get two attractive billion a total of $50 million in financing from two famous American venture capital DFJ, SevinRosen.

defeat: etang net quickly in the major colleges and universities in the country quickly take cities and seize territory, "burn": in addition to the establishment of a branch in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen three, Yitang also widely recruit staff, and in the country.

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