n the history of the most cattle three computer virus ending point

[] – drive history most cattle

Trojan aircraft

is currently dormant ending. Is a head or doomed? DiskGen virus author seems smarter than the panda, with netizens condemning, in the face of United major anti-virus vendors to kill, he chose " in the heady moment; run away, but only " maybe he is short to avoid the limelight, a larger attack is brewing behind


development process:

disk virus first appeared in 2007 February, Kingsoft anti virus expert Li Tiejun said, when the virus is in the windows system directory to generate lsass.exe and smss.exe files, and modify the system time for 1980. This virus is not at that time to download for the purpose, oneself also has more BUG, easy to cause the system blue screen of death after the invasion.

entered in 2008, variants are increasing, and gradually absorbed the characteristics of the AV terminator and machine dog, the ability to resist security software gradually enhanced. At the beginning of the March 2008 outbreak of a large area, a total of 107 varieties, there are millions of computer infected. At present the major antivirus software vendors dogged, has introduced a new variant of the " drive; " has been a few days no longer had any updates, relating to malicious websites have been closed.

poisoning symptoms:

1 forced to modify the process, resulting in the failure of the security software

2 users have no awareness of automatic networking, download massive Trojan, steal privacy

3 tamper files can not be restored, it is difficult to completely remove

4 spread through software vulnerabilities and ARP attacks, causing LAN paralysis

[dove] – ash history of the hidden manipulator

current outcome: reopen. In 2007, a joint siege in Jinshan as the representative of the anti-virus vendors, dove officially announced the closure of the ash studio, this is a victory of anti virus vendors in the struggle with the virus in the. However, secretly Gray dove transaction has not stopped, at the end of 2007, dove ash studio opened again, though not so unassuming, but still is a cancer on the Internet, netizens were not careful, is likely to suffer harm again.

development process: Gray dove first appeared in 2001, written by Delphi, the use of the most discussed " rebound port " connection mode, to avoid the most personal firewall blocking network. Kingsoft anti virus expert Li Tiejun said, from 2001 to 2003 is dove ash imitation, imitation " ice " its open source approach, gradually increasing the amount of ash spread; dove in 2004 to 2005. "

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