Tea portal was awarded best B2B China e commerce enterprise title

recently, the good news in the host Chinese Electronic Commerce Association and the Hangzhou Yuhang District People’s Government in the "third China Electronic Commerce Culture Festival" upload, Fujian Tea Portal (www.fjcha.com), obtained by the Organizing Committee awarded the "2011 best B2B China e-commerce enterprise" award.

it is reported that this award was developed by the China Electronic Commerce Association in 2011 according to the assessment of e-commerce market development. Tea Portal as the national tea industry website, Department of tea industry only invited participants in the activities on the site, and with the industry well-known Alibaba website, HC, Dunhuang network, network, search, mainone, share Chinese e-commerce hundred.

organizers believe that Fujian tea portal dedicated to the "heritage of tea culture, tea enterprise achievement", the integration of downstream industry chain in the traditional industry, combined with the network, the combination of culture and industry, with the traditional media, Tea Expo, tea activities combined, to promote industrial development, make contribution for Fujian tea spread.

Fujian tea portal was founded in 2006, is one of the earliest established websites in China and the successful operation of the tea industry, after nearly five years of development, effectively integrate and use the Internet a huge advantage, the Fujian tea prices continue to push the country, is committed to creating a industry portal cluster template has a great influence and the most famous in the industry, the Department of the third Strait tea TV open network support units, the Fujian TV news channel said "tea" column cooperation website, Xiamen satellite TV "talk" column on both sides of the tea cooperative website, is also the 2010 Chinese e-commerce hundred enterprises, 2010 Chinese agriculture website 10 strong agricultural website.

it is reported that the China Electronic Commerce Association sponsored by the China Electronic Commerce Culture Festival is China’s e-commerce industry and the field of high standard, large scale, the industry wide theme event. General election of the Chinese e-commerce industry hundred represents the domestic e-commerce industry elite list. China Electronic Commerce Culture Festival, held once a year. In this event, from all over the country, China’s e-commerce hundred enterprises, more than 500 e-commerce business executives around the traditional brand of electricity providers, e-commerce personnel training and other issues discussed. (Chen Dejin)

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