Micro blog plans to launch online advertising into a small V dominated


hunting cloud network reported on April 2nd

Last week,

has exclusive hunting cloud network broke the news, micro-blog will soon start advertising and media users from sharing plan. Today, we found that part of the media from the user’s micro-blog has put brand advertising. According to Sina insiders, micro-blog advertising into the beta program has been quietly on the line.

in the network Reds @ genius panda micro-blog, a marked popular activities cards appear in the text and interaction between micro-blog, graphic information on the card is the promotion of software "embarrassed words", click on the card that is entering the official micro-blog software. Another user participation is measured @ nutritionist care in one of his credentials is Beijing Friendship Hospital nutrition nutritionist, Beijing Dietitians Association columnist, the micro-blog text page also marked popular activities of the card, click into the @ COFCO life administrative micro-blog. According to informed sources, online, advertising card jumps are advertisers micro-blog home page, product page even consider buying the next link.



AD card does not appear in the flow of information, but as long as the fans and media from the interaction of the comment, it will point into a single micro-blog page, it seems that the fans see the ads probability is not low, especially for higher rates of high-quality interactive content, the exposure will be further increased.

found that in addition to hunting cloud network, the amount of fans of this kind @ genius panda and forwarding account number is huge, the number of fans only several hundreds of thousands of users have been advertising, such as authentication information for aviation and hotel reviews, Beijing border media partners "@ Liu Troy, authentication information for human geography, travel photography photographer" Bible "author" @ beauty photography Diary – Zhang Qianli, through the authentication information and their content can be found, their micro-blog have focused on a professional, the fans are the experts in the field or lovers, and this should be the recent launch of micro-blog and V support plan.

hunting cloud network linked to one user, which is Sina micro-blog said to participate in the test should be invited, his income depends on the amount of advertising exposure, but the station square operations staff had told him there is also a number of ad clicks billing revenues according to. He believes that this very meaningful, as an early participant, he did not care to participate in the beta can have much income, the key is to rely on the content of influence and spread mode of charging fans made him feel very interesting, but micro-blog’s transmission efficiency is higher, so the potential of this approach is relatively large. But he also said that the future is not expected to be invited to participate, but to be able to form some kind of application mechanism to cover more from the media authors.

it is understood that the current program is limited to the mobile terminal, the future will not be clear to the end of the development of PC. Root >

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