Tmall wrote a series of small headlines Taobao claims ten million

is now more and more people turn from the media account published articles, but if the content is not rigorous, it is easy to give you trouble.

some time ago, Zhengzhou, a company editor Xiao Feng in today’s headlines issued an article, did not expect to bring him great trouble.

according to the Henan city channel reported, after a few days ago, Zhengzhou Xiao Feng received a letter from Zhejiang to Hangzhou to send mail, open, small when Meng Phung ton.

summons is sent by the Yuhang District Court of Zhejiang City, Hangzhou Province, the plaintiff is Zhejiang Taobao Network Co., Ltd., the defendant is a small feng.

How will the Taobao

, and Xiao Feng lawsuit? Originally, in November last year, he forwarded a people’s daily exposure Tmall substandard products in today’s headlines, but the "Tmall" to "Taobao", the indictment mainly aims at the article Xiao Feng the title.

Xiao Feng told reporters that this article after the release of 16 hours, because the infringement was removed from the network platform, he did not expect to receive a summons a few months later.

Xiao Feng said: the indictment to me this article definition is very serious, malicious slander intentionally, interpret out of context of misleading the public, it put the hat is very large.

for small Feng encounters, and about ten million claims in the end is what kind of legal basis, the lawyer Huang Kun explained. According to an article in the people’s daily, Xiao Feng proposed a criticism of Taobao. But after all, the basis of the facts wrong, in this case, he is for Taobao, is indeed constitute an infringement, should bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

Huang lawyer said, but for ten million yuan Taobao claims, claims for compensation for a damage that Taobao company to prove that (claim) on the legal basis must have certain rationality.

lawyer said: Xiao Feng, or other people, you speak on the Internet, we must abide by the basic principles. Otherwise, you will give you trouble, even the real legal liability.

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