Wei Wu Feng Social Media Era operation first marketing second

originally had a "social marketing and social operation mortal immortal" title, but think about is the title of the party, so the ball.

this article I began to wonder at the end of last year, compared to before the Spring Festival this year, hurried out to the "sales and marketing" published. After that, I had a cold, after a few weeks I turned again to look at and made some changes, especially in the last few paragraphs with a pretty long.

based on social media marketing, is a hot spot nowadays. I met the marketing people, almost no one is not talking about this. But I think, a lot of people for the understanding of this thing is wrong, and even can be said that the five words of social marketing, itself is questionable.

error: social marketing will replace the traditional marketing

conceptually, in fact is not what the so-called traditional marketing, for the convenience of those in the past, put in many marketing use — including advertising and public relations — tentatively as "traditional marketing".

traditional marketing is the pursuit of a "breadth", that is, the more people know better. In sales to achieve this problem, the essence is such a formula: target sales crowd contact × sales skills = sales results. In order to improve sales results, you can work on any of the two variables. The former is related to the breadth and the latter to the depth.

social marketing — the word I come again to discuss its absurdity, here is for the convenience of a temporary moment — is the essence of focus on interaction and communication. Since it is so, it means that the relationship between the deep and the consumer, will inevitably bring about a result: the breadth is not enough.

is indeed a number of cases, purely by social marketing to make the article, such as the United States a street snack, the small traders use Twitter and consumer interaction, bigger sales. But extreme cases cannot prove the "substitution" relationship. We hope that through social marketing blockbuster, or just want to take a shortcut way work, or is that social marketing fudge advertisers investment budget shocking words: I have done, not what strange.

error two: social marketing is a marketing revolution

the man who said this, I honestly point out that you don’t understand what marketing is. Even today, the relationship between the various stakeholders on the marketing chain has not changed, I can even say that there is not only no revolutionary changes, but is constantly strengthened by the trend of the past.

Internet is an attention economy movement, with the UGC (user generated content) the rise of the content provider is greatly increased, information relationship between supply and demand becomes more and more biased information receiver: in this life, you want others to notice you, becomes more and more difficult. This is what I call a trend in strengthening

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