The site was clicked 3069 times spent 2400 to open the malicious click mystery

jellyfish network to the site advertising, click on the ads click here to pay, which is expected to encounter malicious click. Yesterday, members of the public to reflect on the sun helpless, due to encounter malicious clicks, less than a day’s time will be point to spend 2400 yuan prepaid advertising.

Mr. Sun is a manager of an advertising company in Yantai, usually to some individuals and businesses to create advertising, web pages, videos, etc.. A few days ago received a commission, a movie stunt production company wants to do a website, and want to put the site on a search site, in order to improve the company’s visibility. Mr. Sun will do a good job after the site, in accordance with customer requirements, contact the search site. On the same day at 12 noon, Mr. Sun will be 2400 yuan into the website specified in the account, 2 pm, Mr. Sun set a few words to their website, when users search "stunt" and "stunt" and other words, you can search in the site’s home page to see Mr. Sun made web site. However, the second day at 8 in the morning, Mr. Sun received a phone call the search site, said Mr. Sun prepaid 2400 yuan on costs have been spent, the need for timely recharge, otherwise it will cancel the search engine library in Mr. Sun’s website and keywords set. After receiving the call, Mr. Sun was ignorant, less than a day 2400 was spent. What the hell is going on here,


in order to figure out the truth, Mr. Sun through the background of the inquiry that, in this day less than the time, his site was actually clicked 3069 times. But Mr. Sun had to contact on the search site customer service, asked to show their own website click on the list, check, in which less than a day on Mr. Sun website IP address is 210. After the calculation of such an "exaggerated" conclusion, a IP address on the average click on Mr. Sun’s site 14 times. And click on the IP address, all over the country have. Mr. Sun and the search site after a number of representations, emphasizing his site was malicious clicks, 23 am, the search site to Mr. Sun called, claiming to be able to refund the cost of more than 1000 yuan.

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Mr. Sun told reporters that there is a malicious online software, you can click on a web site, and you can change the IP address. The website customer service to Mr. Sun introduced, this situation is a way to avoid malicious clicks, first of all, on their own website to promote regional division, for example if the company mainly do business in Shandong, the website promotion regional settings for Shandong province and other provinces such IP address will not be able to access. Secondly, you can set the day of the highest number of clicks or the amount of consumption, if you set the maximum amount of day 100, when the website costs more than 100 after the website will no longer display, also won’t produce click costs.. (Intern Li Quanjiang YMG


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