Baidu will cooperate with the Administration for ndustry and Commerce and other six departments on

from the name of "advertising, money", "pay a twenty thousand fee, earning 2000 yuan, 5 years of easy access to 130 thousand yuan" under the banner of leaving hundreds of thousands of people deceived the "world" event, the billionaire was sitting at home part-time, can make a lot of money, "over lost millions of dollars in real cases. In recent years, network marketing this new form of crime increasingly, criminals under electronic commerce network, capital operation, personal finance, online sales business, online training, distance education and other banner, with low cost and high returns as bait, packaging and weaving all kinds of" get rich quick ", flourishes myth, deceptive and misleading users pay membership fees, franchise fees, deposit and other expenses, swallowed users money, resulting in a bad influence on society.

in order to maintain the normal safe network environment, recently, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the state Internet Information Office, the people’s Bank, Chinese China CBRC six departments jointly carry out combat network MLM crime special action, in December July to concentrate on investigating a number of major cases of network marketing, Baidu, sina Sohu, the Internet mainstream website will provide full support and cooperation, to purify the network environment. As an important channel for the world’s largest search engine, Chinese users to get information, Baidu will start from the aspects of strengthening the technical investigation and audit efforts to assist the commercial promotion report, provide clues and network forensics, cooperate fully with the campaign implement.

network marketing information is often scattered and hidden, there are many hidden in the network community, forums and a variety of local websites, to investigate and combat the law enforcement departments to increase the difficulty. Reporters have repeatedly in a number of forums and some local information to see the "get rich quick", "click on advertising to make money," and so on. The search engine has a unique advantage in this area, through the technology crawl, search engines can be very direct and accurate to find and locate the relevant information, so as to provide clues to precise attack criminals.

Baidu relevant responsible person said, according to the network marketing this new form of crime, on the one hand, Baidu will actively respond to and cooperate with the six departments of the special operations, strengthen the technical means and regulatory investigation efforts, start from the source to increase efforts to combat and curb, clean up the bad information, on the other hand, Baidu will also give full play to search technology and the advantage of the network engine, collect and submit to law enforcement authorities clues and relevant evidence of the crime, in order to more effectively combat and deter network MLM crime, to avoid deceived users know the truth. Baidu also appealed to the majority of users in the discovery of bad information immediately through the Baidu search results in the bottom of each page dedicated to the bad information reporting channels, to report.

according to the relevant person in charge of Baidu, since the end of 2010, Baidu Internet Reporting Center launched to combat Internet bad, false information of the "Sunshine Action", "Baidu against false number has more than 12 million 800 thousand, involving more than 1 million 300 thousand fake sites, the Internet fraud crime constitutes the effective shock.

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